Learn to Fly Like a Pro

Follow Your Palm, Hand Tracking Drone

ThiEYE Mini Drone Dr.X is ultra compact, protable and extremely lightweight, so you can easily take it with you

  wherever you go. And it is also highly intuitive, you don't need to be a professional to pilot this drone, just pull

    out your smartphone to fly anytime or anywhere with easy controls, it simplified all your maneuvers, such as

  flying, landings, and take off. its stable performance means it can fly, film and take photographs brilliantly booth

indoors and outdoors.

Incredible Flight Stability

An Quadcopter Drone Combining Many Technologies

Combines cutting-edge processor with advanced optical flow, making it heighly sensitive to detect surfaces. You

will be able to hover at the designated spot even indoors. With vision positioning system, barometric sensor,

6-axis gyro stabilization, and a camera with increadible image quality, Dr.X can hover in place stably and

precisely and is able to fly indoors and outdoors. It empowers you to push your creative boundaries.

1080P Full HD & Stabilized Video

ThiEYE Drone Dr.X is packed with the leading Sony sensor,

allowing you to shoot stabilized video at 1080P and photos at

8MP. Whether you're at a park, in the office, or holding a

party at home, your Dr.X can produce image and video of the

highest quality you can imagine,and you can always take flight and marvel at the

wonders of world from a different new perspective.

Multiple Flight Mode

Easy to Use, Fun to Fly

ThiEYE Dr.X, a ultra portable drone that features intelligent flight technologies, allowing you to seize the

moment whenever you feel inspired with just a tap of your fingers. The new interface of ThiEYE Dr.X promotes

ease of use, offering a variety of flight modes, adaptable to your level of expertise

360° Rotating

Record a short video while

rotating 360 degress.

Selfie Capture

Taking Selfies from the sky.

Flight Safety

Worry-free Flight in the Palm of Your Hand

Equipped with propeller guards, which is used to reduce the risk of harm or damage to people or objects

resulting from accidental collisions with ThiEYE Drone Dr.X Moreover, the SOC(System On Chip) integrates

an advanced optical flow, image processing, Gyro stabilization and intelligent algorithms for stable flying,

significantly increasing safety.

ThiEYE Dr.X App Controlled Flight

Smart, Reliable, and Incredibly Intuitive

Capture photos and videos directly from the free mobile aop ThiEYE Dr.X, making you enjoy an improved

flight experience with its its intuitive controls. With a user-friendly interface, simplified drone connection and

automatic recognition of your connected drone, everything in ThiEYE Dr.X App has been designed to increase

your gaming possibilities and experiences tenfold. Moreover, the innovative HD Wi-Fi technology allows for

720P real-time video transmission from up to 100m away. An intelligent App control system means ThiEYE

Drone Dr.X is fun and intuitive.

One-button Calibration

Prepare your flight in advance by clicking one-button

calibration, the drone's calibration mode let you capture

stable aerial videos from the get-go. Filming with preci-sion

has never been easier!

Real-time Transmission

Controlled from the ThiEYE Dr.X App, the drone has an

optimized secure Wi-Fi connection with video feedback

on your tablet or smartphone. It is highly intuitive with

the WiFi HD 720P transmission system.

Joystick Habits

We set the American Habits & Japanese Habits of using

joystick based on different people's habit. You'll be

ready for all kinds of exciting excurssions with this joy-stick,

which is so easy for your to control.

Ultra Compact & Portable Design

Take it Anywhere

Hight strength and durable body structure yet it is only 85g(propellers and battery includes). The lighter body

weight combined with software and hardware protections,greatly enhances flight performance.ThiEYE Dr.X is

a an ultra-portable drone that is both compact and lightweight and can be transported everywhere. It will go with

you wherever and whenever you want to capture your finest flight moments in 1080P full HD.

Li-Po Battery

Combines a high-density Li-Po battery with powerful propul-

sion engine and intelligent protection technologh makes

battery safe. The Micro USB charging system reflects the

drone's portability,you can charge the drone's smart bat-

tery with a power bank anytime anywhere, and you can also

check the battery level at any time at a glance from App. It

is simple and easy to replce with new battery.

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