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Limitless Fun

  • Action Camera i60
    Action Cam i60
  • i60 with housing
    i60 with housing

A beautiful life need to be recorded easily. ThiEYE Wi-Fi Action Cam i60 is a compact, water & dust proof, wearable and mountable camera. With great features of ultra-wide angle lens, built-in LCD, multiple capture modes, the i60 is a perfect device for full HD videos and high-resolution photos, which can be easily shared on social medias via APP with family and friends. The i60 is a reliable companion for outdoor sports, tourism, live shooting, self-timer sharing, and daily life recording.

Ultra-Compact Design

Anywhere Videos and Photos on the go

Look at the stylish housing and ultra-compact design. Compared to your large cameras, the i60 is extremely portable and easy shooting. It's as a light weight as 65 gram only. Take the i60 in the pocket and shoot anywhere, anytime. It's easy! What's more, users can wear the i60 on the head, chest, helmet, etc, or on dogs or cats to get a first person video.

Built-in 1.5'' Display

For Easy Setup and Play Back

An LCD should be there in a camera. Users can set up the camera and watch videos and photos they just captured. Now, here comes the i60 with a unique built-in 1.5”TFT LCD. The i60 with a built-in TFT LCD is almost the same size as GoPro Hero4 Black without a back LCD. In this small LCD, the users see a bigger and different world.

Waterproof · Dustproof · Shockproof

  • Waterproof

  • Dustproof

  • Shockproof

Equipped with a professional waterproof housing, i60 supports IP68 waterproof level underwater as deep as 131 feet(40 meters). Meanwhile, the housing can protect the camera from dust and shock. Users can enjoy themselves during diving, swimming, parkour or surfing and do not need to worry about breaking the camera.

Multiple Mounts
Many Use

Hundreds of Capture Ways You Never Did

  • Chest Harness
  • Helmet Mount
  • Handle Monopod
  • Suction Cup
  • Bike Mount
  • 3-Way Pivot Arm

Simple mounts with creative ideas make great fun. ThiEYE releases various unique mounts for the i60. Take the equipment you like. Users can mount it on table, wall, bicycle, and anywhere else, wear it or put it on their pets to shoot a first perspective video. Releasing the i60 with a flight platform becomes more and more popular.

1080p@60fps Full HD
720p@120fps High Frames Videos

  • 1080P Full HD
    1080P 60fps Full HD
  • 720p 120fps Sl-mo
    720p 120fps Sl-mo
    * 720p 120fps videos can be edited to slow-mo videos.

Applying improved BSI-2 technology, advanced HDR sensor, and full glasses lens, the i60 is able to provide extremely full HD videos at resolution 1080p@60fps. Also it supports 720p@120fps high frames videos, which users can get slow motion videos after simple edit. The edited videos can be as slow motion as 5 times of normal videos. What's more, i60 supports up to 12Mega-pixel photos.

Image Stabilizer

For More Stable Videos and Photos

The stabilizer helps to keep the videos and photos clear and stable, providing users a better image quality experience.

All in The-EYE

152° Super-Wide Angle View

Camera of Smartphone WiFi Action Camera i60(Left) WiFi Action Camera i60(Right)
  • WiFi Action Camera i60
  • Camera of Smartphone

The i60 super-wide angle lens provides almost two times of visual area when compared with smart phone camera.Users can have amazing visual experiences with full size beautiful scenery, all in the click with one shoot.

Time-Lapse Videos

Now you can create incredible videos, actually you can call it a movie. Users only need to set the interval on the camera, create a time lapse video, then you can record a video of every remarkable moment in your life that you want it last forever.

Multiple Photo Modes

  • One capture,one photo
  • One capture for several photos.
  • Set to delay some seconds on shooting.
  • Capture photos at the interval of several seconds.

Remote Control, Instant Sharing

The i60 supports point-to-point WiFi connections. With ThiEYE App, users can set up i60 and watch videos and photos easily on their Android or iOS devices. Also, users can download the videos and photos to their devices, and costs no any data traffic. What's more important, users can upload the amazing video and photos to social medias instantly to share the scenery with their families and friends.

Rechargeable and Replaceable Battery

The i60 equips with a detachable 1050mAh battery, making it flexible for users to replace the battery with another one (sold separately). Since the camera supports charging in use, users can enjoy shooting just with a power bank anytime anywhere.

Find Your Color

  • Gold
  • Black
  • Silver