Ultra-HD 4K

To See the Wolrd as Clear as Movies

ThiEYE E7 realizes video footage in native 4K at 30 frames per second, it is different from interpolated 4K which is an image processing method that redistributes the pixels of an original image to change the number of pixels. So it can reproduce an image with a higher resolution from the original image.

Voice & Remote Control

More Intelligent and More Convenient

Speaking simple voice commands to the remote or pressing the button on remote can both drive your ThiEYE E7. It makes using a ThiEYE E7 so much more intuitive and easier and the fact that a lot of times, a Action Camera is out of reach, voice control just opens up a whole new world of possibility, it's your companion that you're using to capture the exact moments.

Gyro-Stabilized Camera Systems

Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization at 4K & 1080P

With a built-in 4K Gyro Anti-Shake stabilization sensor, you can capture stunningly clear and stable video. Whether you are biking,

motorcycling or running, Gyro will minimize blurring and shakes, delivering smoother and steadier footage.

Distortion Correction

Superwide FOV usually causes a barrel distortion to have a wider view.

Distortion Correction function of ThiEYE E7 decreases or eliminates the distortion.

Waterproof · Dustproof · Shockproof

Your Best Companion for Extreme Sport

ThiEYE E7 is equipped with a professional IP68 Waterproof Housing. The housing can also protect the camera from dust and shock,

helping you fight against tough environment. Besides, the Waterproof Touch Button works the same as the machine itself.

Aqua Mode

Sees What Real Eyes See

Water would absorb light of different wavelengths at different depth. With the increase of depth, red light will be taken in first.

ThiEYE E7 could compensate the losing light by built-in software. Exploring a clearer underwater world!

360 Free Adjusting, Free Shooting

Unique 360° rotating release buckle allows you to adjust different shooting angles.

Connect to World

Built-in 1/4” threaded insert connects to the tripod or selfie stick easily. It is unimpeded to install your

action camera to bike, ski, kayak or sports helmet,etc.

170° Super Wide-Angle View

All in ThiEYE

The 170˚ wide angle lens ensures you high color saturation and stunning definition.Embrace the biggest scenery.

Various Photo Modes

Long Exposure

One photo with shutter opening for 1 / 2 / 5 / 8 / 30 / 60s.

Various Video Recording Modes

Select the Slow Motion Mode and capture with 720P 120fps.