Compact and Fashionable

Look at the stylish housing and ultra-compact design. ThiEYE action camera V6 is extremely fashionable and easy shooting.

And the metallic shell makes V6 full of sense of science and technology. At the same time, V6 has various styles when you

use it in different ways. The V6 is a reliable companion for outdoor sports, tourism, live shooting, self-timer sharing,

and daily life recording.

Coming with Camera Lens Filters

To Be a Professional Fun-chaser

ThiEYE Action Camera V6 is born with a brilliant big eye which is more than just a good look. It is easy to equip with

various filters to achieve different effects: enhance colors, reduce reflections or protect lenses, which means you can

capture action or make stunning photos as you like in even difficult conditions.

4K Full HD Video / 12MP High Quality Photo

The V6 achieves 4K30 video resolution, bringing you a picture that’s full of life and relives your memories in incredible quality.

Whether you’re having fun with your pets, hitting the road on a bike, or riding the wind surf, V6 is able to shoot a steady movie

because of its stabilization techniques.

360°Rotating Quick Release Buckle

ThiEYE V6’s quick release buckle enables 360°rotation and locking into any spot you put it, making it possible for quick

adjustment of shooting angles, giving you the freedom to capture a variety of precious moments when doing outdoor

activities. It is perfect for you to attach your action camera to any vented bike, ski, kayak or similar sports helmet.

1/4” Screw Hole

ThiEYE V6 is designed with a 1/4” screw hole on the bottom, which allows you to connect the camera directly

to the tripod or selfie-pole. Easy-use and lightweight, without having to carry the waterproof housing outside

everytime. At the same time, you will receive enhanced voice in this way.

Waterproof · Dustproof · Shockproof

Reliable for Extreme Adventures

Equipped with a tough waterproof housing, V6 achieves IP68 level and is able to withstand high-power water

pressure deep to 197 feet (60 meters), offering you a chance to enjoy yourselves during diving, swimming or

surfing and do not need to worry about breaking the camera. Meanwhile, the housing can protect the camera

from dust and shock, helping you fight against harsh environment.

Bigger Screen · Bigger World

The V6 is built with a 2.0" LCD screen in, which helps you frame shots easily, keeping your picture in perfect condition.

More importantly, you can also adjust the settings of camera and immediately play back the videos and photos you just

captured, everywhere and every time.

Multiple Mounts, Many Use

Hundreds of Capture Ways You Never Did

Simple mounts with creative ideas make great fun. ThiEYE releases various unique mounts for the V6. Take the equipment

you like. You can mount it on table, wall, bicycle, and anywhere else, wear it or put it on their pets to shoot a first perspective

video. Releasing the V6 with a flight platform becomes more and more popular.

ThiEYE App -

Remote Control, Editing and Sharing

Capture videos and photos as you like with a smartphone or tablet in your hand when the

camera is out of your reach. Surprisingly, you can edit the videos and add effects and BGM

with the App, bringing you a new way to create more attractive videos. No more waiting for

viewing and sharing once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Time-Lapse Video

Every Second is a Highlight

Now you can create incredible videos, actually you can call it a movie. You need only to set the interval on the

camera, create a time lapse video, then you can record a video of every remarkable moment in your life that

you want it last forever.

Adventure in Slow Motion

Never Miss a Beat

Ever thought about freezing frame when playing back your splendid action in skiing and parkour, or those stunning scenes in diving and

base jumping? Select the Slow Motion Mode and capture with 1080P 60fps, 720P 120fps and 720P 60fps (120fps is slower than 60fps),

then you can make a slow motion footage where you can catch moments that unfolded unseen before you.

Small Detail in Wide Field

170° Wide-Angle View / 4X Zoom

Camera of Smartphone
WiFi Action Camera i60(Left) WiFi Action Camera i60(Right)

The V6’s super-wide 170° view provides almost twice visual area than smartphone. As a result, you will enjoy amazing visual experience with full size beautiful scenery, all in only one shot. Surprisingly, 4X zoom allows you to magnify the image up to 4X bigger so that you can precisely capture your target.

Multiple Photo Modes


    One capture, one photo.


    One capture for several photos.


    Set to delay some seconds on shooting.


    Capture photos at the interval of several seconds.

Replaceable High Capacity Battery

ThiEYE V6's detachable high-capacity 1180mAh battery ensures lasting outstanding performance during the

activities and you can replace a new one even if you run out of the battery. Since the camera supports

charging in use, you can also keep on your filming just with a power bank anytime anywhere.