Dual Cameras for Happily Taking Selfies and Regular Pictures

ThiEYE Kids Camera Kiddy 2 has a front-facing and rear-facing lens, so you can take traditional photos as well as selfies! For kids, photography is a great way to capture their adventures and express creativity at an early age. It's for children over 3 ages.

1080P Full HD Video & 16MP High-quality Photo

The front camera records 1080P Full HD video plus rear camera records 720P HD video, and captures surprisingly sharp 16MP still photos, the kids are able to take a photo and overlay clipart onto their pictures, change the colour filters and use the selfie camera - it's easy to change to the front and rear lens just with pressing a button on the camera.

Funny Effects Plus Cartoon Themes

Built-in different Cartoon Frames & Colour Filters enable children to capture funny video and photo effects, making them excited and free to explore their creativity! And kids might easily cycle through all effects by pressing Page Up or Down buttons when they are in Photo or Video mode.

Music & Story Feature Adds More Funny Educational Learning

Children's favorite musics and stories can be preserved into this camera, such as a fairy tale, adventure story, a favorite toy story etc, giving kids chance to recognize some novelty, enjoy endless of education fun, and keep your little one happy and learning. Afterwards it's more likely for children to imitate or create some unexpected moments.

Built-in 2.0” HD Screen

Colourful icons on the 2.0” high-definition screen and sound effects make it easy to navigate the settings on the menu, kids can immediately check their frames out of curiosity to show their success to their families or friends.

Kid-friendly Design, Durable & Safe

Kiddy 2 is made of non-toxic material, both environment-friendly & healthy. In addition, the camera's child-friendly design is sturdy enough to handle drops and tumbles, quite durable and safe.

All-in-one Multiple Accessories for Endless Fun

With accessories Cartoon Stickers, Lanyard, 16GB Micro SD Card included, Kiddy 2 is the best gift for birthday, Christmas, holiday to children. And it's very light and easy to carry, that is a good companion for children's travel and play.