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How to Create Live Stream Via ThiEYE LIVE APP

Please scan the QR Code or from App Store / Google Play

to download ThiEYE LIVE App.

Connect your smartphone to the WiFi network or hotspot.

Open your ThiEYE LIVE App, tap the live streaming icon " " to enter the interface of live straming.

Set the infornation of live stram, such as Live Description, Network For Live, Live Platform.

‧ Setting Network For Live

Click the "Network for Live", you can set the network via WiFi or hotspot, input the SSID and Password,

then click "Save" button.

( Add Network Via Wifi )

( Add Network Via Cellphone Hotspot )

Please pay attention to open your

smartphone's WLAN & Personal Hotspot.

‧ Setting Live Platform

You can set the Live Platform from your Facebook or YouTube Channel. For example, choose the Facebook as your

live platform, then enter the interface of Facebook to input your Facebook account and password.

After setting all the information of live streaming, tap the "Start Live" to generate a QR Code.

Turn on your action camera to open the Live function in the System Settings, then enter interface of scanning the

QR code, using the camera to scan the QR Code generated by ThiEYE LIVE App.

After scanning successfully, it makes your camera automatically connect to the live streaming platforms and network.

then start to broadcast Full HD live streaming to your family and friends!