13000Pa Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VacKit 1

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  • 13000Pa Powerful Suction Power
  • Up to 25 Minutes Long Runtime
  • Come With 3-Pack Cleaning Attachments
  • Handheld and Cordless Design for Cleaning Anywhere Anytime

13000pa Powerful Vacuum Cleaner VacKit 1

Overwhelmed by clutter and mess? Up to 13000pa high suction power, VacKit 1 is powerful to suck up the dust, dirt and pet hairs. Make your cleaning easier than ever.

Powerful Suction Power

VacKit 1 comes with 2 suction modes to tackle different cleaning tasks. Standard suction mode is suitable for regular large area cleaning. Boost suction mode is perfect for deeply cleaning the stains. Special S-shaped airflow design can prevent dirt and dust blocking up the duct and keep strong suction power from beginning to end.

3-Pack Cleaning Attachments

3-pack cleaning attachments are designed to clean different places at home or in car, such as hard-to-reach spots, narrow places and upholstery surfaces. Meet your different cleaning needs.

Double Layer Filter System

High efficiency non-woven fabric and sponge filter dust and dirt to extend the life of motor and keep the best suciton performance.

Long Run Time

With 2200mAh*4 high capacity battery, it can last up to 25 mins under standard suction mode, 15 mins under boost suction mode. Clean your home without taking a break.

Easy to Maintain

Washable non-woven fabric filter and dust cup is easy to maintain and able to keep the best suction power. Extend the life of your vaccum with washable and replaceable filter.

Switch Modes with One Button

Turn the vacuum cleaner on/off and switch the suction modes in a single button. The button integrates with a LED indicator to show working and charging status.

Cordless and Handheld

Cordless design makes it easy to take out to use in car or at home. Compact size and lightweight is suitable for comfortable holding.

Fast Charging

Charge at home in 5.5 hours with the AC-DC power adapter. This power adapter is included in the package.

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