Dual Lens 1080P Mirror Dash Camera CarView 2

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Front 1080P + Rear 720P Dual Lens
Dual 170° Wide View Angle
10" IPS Ultra HD Touch Screen
Super Night Vision
G-sensor for Emergency Recording

10” Full-Size Touch Screen

CarView 2 adopts IPS Ultra HD screen, provides you with a high-definition view. With only a glimpse at the 10” touch screen, you can check the traffic situation and take control immediately. The large screen with a clear operation interface allows you to easily change settings with the tap of your finger, match your busy lifestyle.

Front & Rear Dual Cameras Recording

Full HD 1080P Front Camera and Enhanced 720P Rear Camera create a high-quality and smooth video day and night, capture all the critical details around your car like license plates, signposts or something extraordinary. Never miss what matters!
Real 1080P Full HD Front Camera

Full HD 1080P front camera records at 30 frames a second, clearly record license plates and street signs when you driving.

IP67 Water Resistant Rear Camera

The Rear Camera presents 720P clear and stable images even at night or rainy day, keep your driving safety.

170°+170° Front & Rear Protection

The front camera can capture the roads efficiently with the 170˚ ultra wide-angle lens that comfortably provides four-lane coverage, reduce the blind spot on the road. Enhanced 720P HD rear-mounted camera that covers the whole rearview, to guarantee more safety without distortion, give you a clearer and broader rearview.

Flexible Front Lens

The front lens can be stretched at will, suitable for all sizes of the rearview mirrors. The angle-adjustable front lens makes sure it’s lined up correctly.

Safe Parking

The Guidelines will display automatically when you hang the R gear, make sure you are safe in reversing.

Simple Operation

The simple operation interface makes it easy to see at a glance, complete your setup with a few taps.

Car Charger with Additional USB

Providing extra USB for cellphone charging while keeping the dash cam in use. It’s convenient for multi-device users.

Free 32GB High-Speed Card Included

Included a Free 32GB card, which is fully compatible with CarView 2. With the loop recording function, you will never worry about the SD card is full.

Extended Installing Cable

8 meters long rear camera cable, which is suitable for different car models. With the installing kits, make your installation easier & firmly.

Continuously Loop Recording

Mirror dash cam CarView 2 bundles a high-speed 32GB Micro SD card, features with loop recording, this means that the camera will record until it’s memory card is full, and then begin to record new videos over the oldest files. This means that uneventful video clips don't clog up memory space which allows the camera to continue recording for significant periods without the need to clear old files from the memory card.

High / Medium / Low G-sensor

Built-in high sensitive G-sensor with collision detection instantly save videos of impacts for insurance claims. The video will automatically lock and save as an emergency video, make sure the video evidence never loses.

Intuitive Parking Monitor

Parking Mode monitors your car’s surroundings while your car is parked and the engine is not running. Records a 30 seconds video when vibrations are detected, protect your car even the engine off.

Excellent Night Vision

With the function of Night Mode, improve the night vision in low light conditions while driving, obtains crystal-clear and color-accurate videos and images at pitch dark night.

WDR (Wide-Dynamic Range)

Wide-Dynamic Range (WDR) retains a greater level of detail and color in an image. This setting is especially useful for scenes that include shadows or bright areas, such as driving under bright sunlight, coming out of a tunnel, or overshadowed by high-rises, etc.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent accessory to travel with.

The moment ThiEYE was switched on for me, one could not say no to it. The simplicity, the clarity of its lenses and the handling of it was a BIG WOW. I'm now getting the GPS installed and can't wait to have it done and use it. This is a BIG MUST HAVE.

CarView 2 excellent - get one!

Con mucho gusto se lo recomiendo a cualquiera. Lo he instalado en un Chrysler Grand Voyager. Es muy fácil de colocar en el espejo y los cables se ocultan fácilmente con los dedos o con la herramienta suministrada. Las longitudes de los cables son buenas, aunque el cable del sensor de luz de marcha atrás (el rojo) era demasiado corto, así que lo extendí. Necesitarás ser un poco más capaz (manitas) al instalar la cámara trasera, pero no es demasiado difícil. Abra el grupo de la caja de luz trasera y ubique el cable que va a la luz de marcha atrás, y engarce el cable (un conector "scotch lock" es ideal - su gasolinera local, Norauto, Feu Verde o Amazon) para unir el cable rojo y dar energía a la cámara cuando activa la marcha atrás. Asegúrese de colocar el cable en una ruta segura para que nada quede atrapado cuando cierre la puerta trasera o la tapa del maletero. Siga las rutas de cable existentes y pegue el cable nuevo al viejo en algunos lugares para evitar que se mueva. Instalé la cámara aflojando los tornillos de la placa de matrícula, colocando el soporte de la cámara detrás de ella y apretando los tornillos nuevamente. ¡Voilá! La configuración es fácil e intuitiva.

Essere chiari aiuta

Tanto per cominciare un bell’elenco di modelli auto aiuterebbe a scegliere di acquistare oppure no (sopratutto se chi sceglie è una persona che ti vuole fare un regalo e ci rimarrebbe male se l’oggetto acquistato non fosse compatibile). In secondo luogo le istruzioni “così ben scritte” farebbero bene a prendere in considerazione anche la parte meccanica di aggancio dello specchio sullo specchietto retrovisore. Sembra che abbiate inventato un oggetto universale ........ Tre auto di modelli diversi e neanche una su cui sta su la cam frontale. Invece di fare i fenomeni ideerei un sistema di aggancio regolabile. Se poi lo è fate delle istruzioni che lo spieghino. Per quanto mi riguarda avete un futuro. Buon natale.

Awesome product

After researching for a dash cam I decided to go for a mirror dash cam as opposed to a dash cam that sticks onto your windscreen. There are quite a few mirror dash cams and I decided to go with ThiEYE CarView 2 mirror dash cam as not only has it received a lot of positive reviews but for the price and accessories it seemed the obvious choice. Not only did I buy the mirror dash cam but I also got the GPS Antenna and Hardwire Kit. I will review each one separately.


CarView 2 Mirror Dash Cam

This dash cam has everything you need in one box to get going. There is a memory card, SD card reader, pry tool, mirror dash cam, rear dash cam and plenty of wiring. The user manual is very well written and easy to follow. Installation of both cams took around 30 minutes and was so easy to install. The touch screen is so responsive and the settings are very easy to navigate through and customise. The build quality of both cameras is excellent and of high quality. When starting the car the dash cam automatically starts and if the rear cam is connected then the view you get is through the rear cam. Adjusting the cams is super simple by just sliding your finger up and down the right side of the screen for each of the cameras, allowing for finer tuning of the views. By pressing the power button briefly the display will turn off (still recording) allowing you to use the conventional mirror but once you get used to the rear cam as your main display then the conventional mirror becomes redundant (my personal opinion). You have the choice of rear cam view, front cam view, split screen view, conventional mirror. Overall the build quality plus the quality of the resolution and videos are outstanding.


GPS Antenna

I added the GPS antenna because I wanted to be able to not only visually record my drives but I also wanted the additional data which shows the exact route you took along with the speeds that you were driving at. Very useful if you have been accused of speeding because the GPS antenna will record your exact speed. Installation was super easy as the pry tool was included and it was just a case of feeding the wire behind the car trim. Again the manual was very well written and easy to understand. Mounting the GPS receiver might take a couple of attempts before you find the sweet spot, so I recommend not sticking it into place until you have found the perfect location. The star for this is the GPS player that you can download for free because as you view the video footage you will see the map on the right-hand side showing you driving along the route with your speed.


Hardwire Kit

I added the hardwire kit because I wanted to take advantage of the additional settings of the mirror dash cam. These are time-lapse monitoring, motion detection, and parking guard, all of which are unique and very useful in their own right. The time-lapse monitoring allows you to take a single frame every 1, 2, or 3 seconds whilst your car is parked up. Motion detection will start recording when it senses motion around the car and stops after 20 seconds of non-motion. The parking guard will record any collision or impact to your car whilst it is parked up. The manual as always is well written and very easy to follow. Installation took around 30 minutes and was very easy to install. The kit comes with connectors that slot into the fuse box, you simply take out the fuse and plug the fuse like connector in its place and then insert the fuses into the head of the connector. You do not have to be fully conversant with electrical wiring as it is just a case of plugging the connector into the fuse that you are going to use. The power convertor box also has battery protection built in, so if it detects your car battery a certain voltage it will shut down the dash cam.


All in all these are quality products at very competitive prices and I would wholly recommend these products to anyone who wants a quality-built mirror dash cam that is super easy to install, looks stylish and most importantly records high quality videos.